Memorial of Mary, Our Lady of Sorrows 2022, Reflection, Art

Our Lady of Sorrows. Painting by Ronald Raab, CSC 2021

Mary, Our Lady of Sorrows, you stood near the cross of your Son, Jesus. You stood next to him in each moment of his suffering. Mary, you could not change his suffering. You could not fix him or control the outcome of his pain. Mary, your presence taught you how to be patient for healing and to wait for his promise of eternal life. Mary, your posture toward suffering ultimately brought joy to the world. In the Cross of Christ, we find our eternal home.

Mary, Our Lady of Sorrows, stand among us, the suffering Body of Christ on earth. Hold the dying, the weary, the lost, the outcast, the prisoner, the bereft, the lovelorn, the mentally ill, the undiagnosed, and the immigrant. Stand among us who weep. Stand among us torn apart by dissension and rebellion. Stand among us to hold tight to control, pride, and ego-centric ways. Stand among us who circle the wagons of our institutions and claim only the past as our home. Stand among us when our voices grow scratchy from shouting outrage against injustice. Stand among us when wars rage and indifference is our food. Stand among us when our memories dim from the chaos we experience from natural disasters, unspeakable moments of abuse and the threats of global violence. Stand among us when addictions threaten our futures. Stand among us in our anguish. Stand among us when grief overwhelms us and we become weak with guilt and shame. Stand among us when we bury a loved one. Stand among us when we take our final breath.

Mary, Our Lady of Sorrows, pray for us

Mary, Our Lady of Sorrows, is the Patroness of the Congregation of Holy Cross. She speaks of our posture to stand among people who suffer.

2 thoughts on “Memorial of Mary, Our Lady of Sorrows 2022, Reflection, Art

  1. Our Blessed Mother agonized as She witnessed the mutilation of Her Son’s Body and Spirit so that our own body and spirit may become whole in the promise of Christ’s
    My Mother, teach me to have courage, trust, and love through my sorrows. I love you.

    Be Well, Be Safe ,Be Happy, Fr. Ron!

  2. I own the beautiful picture posted. Our Lady of Sorrows has taught me that you are not able to change or stop suffering as she was not able to stop her Son’s Death on the Cross. She gave us Eternal Life by saying yes and bearing it to God. Thank you Mary for saying yes and standing next to His suffering and accepting your suffering with His. We have gained Eternal Life . There is know greater Gift of Love for all people.
    Happy Feast Day Father Ron you are in my prayers.

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