Memorial of Saint Francis of Assisi 2022: Reflection on Luke 10: 38-42

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Martha and Mary hosted Jesus. Martha welcomed him. Mary sat at his feet. This image of two women together is our Christian life. Prayer and service combined. Learning how to sit at Jesus’ feet and learning how to serve him in the world form our lives of faith. Only together, prayer of the heart and the work of our hands, unite in following and hosting the Master.

Saint Francis (d. 1226), followed Jesus from the depths of his soul. He was converted after touching a leper and seeing him as Jesus. He left every worldly possession to follow his heart. He is one of the Church’s most profound mystics and teachers simply because he learned what Mary and Martha together had learned, that for the heart to know Jesus, we must listen carefully and serve lovingly.

Photo: Saint Francis Hotel, Santa Fe, NM

1 thought on “Memorial of Saint Francis of Assisi 2022: Reflection on Luke 10: 38-42

  1. Thank you for your words sent on the reflection of today’s gospel! You are a living example of your reflection! Praise GOD for all you do !

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