All Souls’ Day 2022: Reflection on Matthew 5: 1-12

November carries extra weight this year. It rests heavier in my heart on day two. All Souls’ Day sings a haunting tune. This year, I remember my only brother who died in September. This year, I am still walking away from a parish community where I was at home for nine years. I also lost a job after a week. Now, I wait for something new, still listening to God to lead me beyond loss.

November connects us with our ancestors whom we follow in love. All Souls’ Day invites us to journey deeper into our human connections and not to be afraid of our past or our future. We listen carefully within our heart to find the rhythm and heartbeat of being alive in God.

November reveals the opposite of what we think is true. The Beatitudes call us to live humbly and not to exhort false power over people. Jesus calls us to mourn with faith, that in letting go, all heaven will be ours. Peacemaking will provide rich soil to plant our hearts in communion with other people. The poor in spirit, the meek, and the merciful will overflow with goodness and richness.

November teaches us that the end is the beginning. We learn to let go on earth, so one day we may enter the mystery that is ours in heaven. In the end, all will be healed, forgiven, and embraced. In the end, we shall be fully ourselves, fully aware, fully loving, in the place designated for us in Jesus Christ. This is forever our home.

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5 thoughts on “All Souls’ Day 2022: Reflection on Matthew 5: 1-12

  1. Thank you Fr Ron for your sobering but very welcome and meaningful words. We hold you close to our hearts and continue to miss you immensely but also know God has us all in the “palm of His hand”. with prayers and love, Al and Carolyn

  2. Dear Fr. Ron,

    Bless the soul of our brother on this All Souls’ Day.

    I am so grateful for your reflections; however, I do miss your masses at Sacred Heart that were taped. I looked forward to them every week and I was never disappointed. You definitely made all feel welcome and that is a true gift! Your homilies gave me hope and always something to work on in my own spiritual journey.

    Thank you, God bless you and may your path be gentle.

    Kind regards, Betty in Boulder, Colorado


  3. Keeping you in prayer for your next assignment and praying for comfort in the loss of your precious brother and friend. These days give you much to pray about and hold so much meaning 🙏✝️🙏

  4. Visiting tombs, we note the date of birth and the date of death . Both are gifts from God : the gift of human life and the gift of eternal life. In this journey, God lays out the roadmap to our resurrection. Be still to hear His words.

    Be well. Be safe. Be happy, Fr . Ron!

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