2 thoughts on “(Audio) Tuesday of the Second Week of Advent, December 6, 2022: Matthew 18: 12-14, Homily

  1. The restlessness of the human heart, unwilling and unwittingly, often takes me to places void of God’s Presence. Then, just when I have most lost my way, God prompts me back to the course of His Kingdom with with His unchanging and indiscriminate mercy and love.

    Be well.Be safe.Be happy. Fr.Ron!

  2. My dear Fr. Ron,

    Thank you so much for today’s homily! As always seems the way, it was exactly what I needed to hear – and wonderful to hear it as if you were here with me now. My middle child, Amanda, is bipolar and going through a very difficult year. Thank you for reminding me that our God is holding her in the palm of his hand. I want so to help her but am at a loss to do so. I pray that you are well and where you need to be today–I miss you and pray for you daily.

    Love and peace and blessings to you, Angie


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