2 thoughts on “(Audio) Saturday of the Second Week of Advent, December 10, 2022: Matthew 17:9-13, Homily

  1. Jesus, have I seen Your face?
    Is it the depressed First Grader whose mother recently lost her life to a drug cocktail?
    Is it a lonely elderly neighbor whose physical , as well as mental faculties, are painfully impaired?
    Is it a desperate man in prison whose spirit is awaiting for some form of human validation?
    Is it the delight of a grandmother whose grandson simply makes her world a better place?
    Lord, allow me to see Your Face in the joys and sufferings of others. Let me witness Your Presence, today.

    Be well. Be safe. Be happy, Fr. Ron!

  2. I pray for all who do not know God in this way. I believe that if all people would know God in this way our world would only be full of Peace and Love the way God made it in the beginning. I believe everyone desires this because we are all God’s children and His Love is for all. O God take our prayers, joys, sorrows and sacrifices and help those in need. You are our Hope and You alone is all we need.

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