2 thoughts on “(Audio) The Fourth Sunday of Advent, Cycle A, December 18, 2022, Matthew 1;18-24, Homily

  1. I pray for our world in this time of many troubles. May God help us. May all people come to know Our God Loves us and wants the best for us. Help us to empty our hearts and let you come so the face of the world will be changed and Love and Peace may reign.

  2. In prayer, the Holy Spirit reveals to us what and where God is leading us to. It is in our daily communion with God in prayer that He lays out the blueprint of our life masterplan and the roadmap of our heavenly journey on earth and to the Eternal Kingdom . Let us hear His words with humility and trusting faith . Let us make ourself available for His use. Prayer is indeed our Annunciation.

    Be well. Be safe. Be happy, Fr. Ron!

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