3 thoughts on “Second Sunday in Ordinary Time, Cycle A, January 15, 2023, John 1:29-34, Homily

  1. I, too, am the lamb of God, The unconditional affirmation of His powerful and loving Presence lives in me and must reach others through me. As His lamb, I am to be bold and courageous in sharing His love and the good news of eternal salvation with my words and deeds. This invites rejection or persecution, but it is a necessary death in my quest for holiness and a resurrected heart.

    Be Well. Be Safe. Be Happy, Fr. Ron!

  2. Thank you for Proclaiming the Gospel and your reflection.
    I await the day when I may see the Lamb of God face to face. In my human thoughts as I reflect on this and look upon Him in Body and Blood at Mass I since my humanity. I fall short until I am on the other side of the veil. For this I long.

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