2 thoughts on “(Audio) The Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time, January 29, 2023, Cycle A, Matthew 5: 1-12, Homily

  1. The Sermon on the Mount pushes the idea that no one person can be meaningfully whole in isolation. Every single creation is a purposeful piece to the Divine Puzzle. As such, we are summoned to sacrificially, mercifully, and lovingly interdepend in order to meet the accidental/ intentional needs and inadequacies of every one, inclusive of the “I”. They are abundant, if only we pay attention!

    Be Well. Be Safe. Be Happy, Fr. Ron!

  2. This time of year is a hard time to wonder how many people are without a place on the cold of night. On Sunday morning when I went to set up for Mass a man was in the church. He had slept under the stairs next to the church. My son was with me and stayed with me till others came. I asked Jesus to care for him and trust that He did.

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