New Ministry Position: Holy Cross House, Religious Superior, July 2023

Apr. 11, 2012; Holy Cross House Photo by Matt Cashore/University of Notre Dame

Today, our Provincial Administration announced that I will become the Religious Superior at Holy Cross House beginning July 1, 2023. I am delighted to be part of our medical facility and retirement center. It is home to 45 Holy Cross Religious. The house also plays an important role for other Holy Cross priests and brothers who are ill throughout the United States.

In 1976, while in college, I served there as an orderly. I witnessed in the beginning of my religious life the care we have for our older and ill religious. I am humbled to be part of the healing mission of Holy Cross House. I am grateful to the Congregation of Holy Cross to serve in this new position.

22 thoughts on “New Ministry Position: Holy Cross House, Religious Superior, July 2023

  1. Congratulations Fr Raab! Though we wish you were still in Texas so that we could visit you, we know that God has a Good Plan for you and those in true need of your abundant gift of relating God’s Love to this life. Know that you will be in our prayers.

  2. Dear Fr Ron,
    Congratulations! Such a good fit for a priest with a talent for helping us to know and trust in the love and care of our God. Please know how you helped me grow in my personal relationship with Jesus.

  3. Fr Ron,

    Congrats on your new appointment.

    You will certainly be a blessing to all the Holy Cross religious and they will bless you also.

    All’s well in Colorado Springs except for negative degree days that descend upon us from the North Pole!


    Bill J

  4. Fr Ron,

    Congratulations! Perhaps the center will become an artist colony under your influence as well.

    Blessings and best wishes,


  5. Fr. Raab, I first met you at the downtown chapel in Portland. You inspired the best days of my Catholic life. I helped out a bit at the hospice home over by SE Moreland area, Reed College. I had a chance to visit the monetary in Lafayette, the dispensary….I could go on and on.

    These souls and flesh will be in good hands. Peace be with you, Fr. Rabb.

  6. Dear Fr. Ron,

    The HC House will be blessed to have you just as my brother Peter was by you showing him, us, the Light of Christ. Godspeed.


  7. Wonderful news, and an excellent pick. As a retired internal medicine physician, I cared for many CSC religious who spent time

  8. The Holy Spirit never lets us down. You will be a blessing to all you encounter. Thank you for your Reflections during Advent and hopefully in the upcoming Lent. Blessings.
    Al and Carolyn

  9. Dear Fr. Ron: I am so pleased to read this news about your new assignment! They are blessed to have you in this capacity and you likewise will flourish in this environment. I want only the best for you as you are truly “the best.” I read your posts weekly and hope they will continue. Listening to your homilies at Sacred Heart has forever enriched my Catholic faith. I am always in your debt… Sincerely, Anne Quinn, Boulder

  10. Congratulations! This sounds so perfect for you and what a blessing to everyone there at the House. It opens up so many new opportunities for writings on this time of life.

  11. Congratulations, I am happy for you and those you will be caring for. I believe the Sacred Heart of Jesus chose you for the Love you will give and the Love you will receive.

  12. father ron, congratulations on your new appointment. Hope we can see you more often. We are planning on going to Donaldson this Sunday weather permitting and hope to talk with you then. john goeller

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