2 thoughts on “(Audio) Holy Thursday, Evening Mass of the Lord’s Supper, April 6, 2023, John 13:1-15, Reflection

  1. I will set with this over the next three days. May I empty myself and let go to be able to receive the New Waters. I pray for all people that we will learn to help those in need and let others help us in need. We give Love to people and they give Love back to us.
    I watched Pope Francis wash feet this day and thought of you Father.
    May you be Blest this day.

  2. Thanks Ron– again, you’ll be my Easter Triduum as I can’t get away from here in the evenings. Nice words today. I taught my students that there are two kinds of priests– foot-washers and ring-kissers–I wish they could all hear your homily here. You are very much a ‘foot-washer’ and have offered valuable witness of such for me. Hope you have a Blessed Easter…

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