5 thoughts on “(Audio) Easter Sunday, April 9, 2023, John 20:1-9, Reflection, Fortieth Anniversary of Priesthood Ordination, April 9, 1983.

  1. Happy Easter and Happy 40th Anniversary of your Ordination! So blessed to have been introduced to you. So grateful for the way you share the Gospel on this format. Father, keep being you because you are amazing.

  2. Fr Ron.
    Happy Easter and a very happy 40th Ordination Anniversary.
    You’ve made a lasting impression and difference in my efforts to live my Catholicism.
    Bill Johnson

  3. Happy and blessed Easter to you . Oh happy day when you said YES to God’s call ! Thank you for blessing us with your many gifts.

  4. Ron,
    We are Grateful for you, for your commitment. The photo of you and Mom and Dad and Bishop McManus made me think of those times of creativity in the diocese.
    Congratulations and…keep on creating your artworks!

  5. Happy Easter and Happy Anniversary my prayers and thoughts are with you. Thank you for helping us on our journey. May God shower you with many Blessings and Our Lady of Sorrows watch over her beloved son Father Ron.

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