Prayer Requests at Saint Andre Bessette Church

I led a time of reflection and prayer after Mass yesterday. We prayed about our new name and identity as a parish community. We welcomed our patron, Saint Andre Bessette in prayer. We discussed Saint Andre’s life and ministry and our role in continuing his mission of hospitality, healing and hope. Saint Andre welcomed people on a daily basis, he opened the door to people and their needs. He became a healer, a person dedicated to Saint Joseph. Andre also prayed during the night for people’s needs.
If you cannot join us for daily or Sunday Mass, please know our support in our common prayer.
We welcome your requests for prayer. Our community invites you to entrust your need to our prayer tree.
To request our prayer for your needs, please email us
or call 503.228.0746 extension 130.
On behalf of our community at prayer, I welcome your request.

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