Saint Ignatius Martyr Parish: Parish Retreat

I will be preaching a parish mission this weekend and next week in Austin, Texas. I will be visiting our Holy Cross parish, Saint Ignatius Martyr. Here is the theme for the retreat next Monday through Wednesday. I will be offering a morning session and Mass and the evening session begins at 7:00pm. Click here for the parish website about the retreat.

Title of parish retreat: Communion in the desert: The search for prayer and justice

Monday: Prayer of the hungry disciple

Tuesday: Community among struggling believers

Wednesday: Service among desert thorns and bristles

Description: We will explore our desire for authentic intimacy with God in this Lenten season. This communion will lead us into sharing our lives in worship and daily life. Our journey in Lent will also lead us into service among the vulnerable and marginalized. We will renew our commitment to follow the Spirit and search for justice in these desert days of Lent.

Please pray for the people of Saint Ignatius Martyr Parish.



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