On The Margins – Pentecost: John: 20:19-23

Listen to my weekly radio show, On the Margins. We come to the end of the great 50 days of Easter to celebrate the feast of Pentecost. This feast is an ancient treasure given us by God. The Holy Spirit will teach us what we need to know and invite us into healing and forgiveness. This is the birthday of the Church, a feast that nudges us out of the nest of our comfort and celebrations from these past months. We are called to bring the Light of Christ to the world! Pentecost , May 19, 2013.

Listen now: [audio https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/75239779/On%20The%20Margins/On%20The%20Margins%20May%2019%202013.mp3]

Stream live On The Margins on KBVM 88.3FM on Saturdays at 7am and Sundays at 8am.

The Year of Faith Retreat will be posted every month, from October 2012 through November 2013.

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