Fragments from The Word: Matthew 3:1-12

These reflections are the leftover fragments from my homily this morning, Sunday December 8, 2013. Matthew 3:1-12 . The Second Sunday of Advent.  

Fragments from The Word

Fragments from The Word

Second Sunday of Advent

December 8, 2013

We live very defended lives.

We think we can accomplish everything we need in life.

We are self-reliant and self-sufficient.

John the Baptist calls us to wake-up and repent.

He challenges us to rely on God and not our selves.

We cannot save our selves from our own sins.

Life is a paradox.

An alcoholic tells me that it is easier to drink than to pray.

A mother tells me it is easier to resent her daughter than to reconcile.

We hear from Isaiah that the wolf shall be the guest of the lamb.

The baby shall play at the cobra’s den.

All the paradoxes of our lives shall flow together as well.

Our hatred shall be the guest of our desires.

Our sin shall make a home with great love within us.

Our despair shall mingle with God’s hope deep within us.

We must desire God.

We must walk with others who desperately need mercy.

We must search our hearts for hope when we believe in only our selves.

Repent and believe that hope will fill in the cracks of despair and neglect.

Our self-sufficiency shall give way to a deep love of God if we pray and believe.

Hope shall befriend our hardened hearts.

Our baptismal waters shall rise up to meet our despair.

Our commitment to Christ shall sing victory over our apathy and neglect.

Our love of God is a gift from God.

Our love of God becomes a new fire for the poor and lonely.

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