Fragments from The Word: Matthew 18:12-14

These reflections are the leftover fragments from my homily this morning, Tuesday December 10, 2013. Matthew 18:12-14. Tuesday of the Second Week in Advent.  

Fragments from The Word

Fragments from The Word

Fragments: Matthew 18:12-14

Tuesday December 10, 2013

God chases us.

I cannot think of anything more consoling than this message.

The Good Shepherd, we hear from Matthew’s gospel, wants us in his arms like a lost, lonely sheep.

God wants the best for us.

Isaiah the prophet says that God feeds his flock like a shepherd and in his arms he gathers the lambs.

I cannot think of anything more consoling than this message from  today’s scriptures.

Today the world grieved Nelson Mandela whose life achievements were based on reconciliation and the release of anger, rage and the distinctions among people.

Today is the forty-fifth anniversary of Thomas Merton’s death.

Merton, the monk and mystic, realized in his prayer that we are all one.

The distinctions among people from our eyes do not exist in the vision of God.

We are all one in God.

We all have our place in the Kingdom.

I cannot be more consoled.

God chases after us no matter where we roam.

2 thoughts on “Fragments from The Word: Matthew 18:12-14

  1. “God chases us.” Imagine! The priest in Maui said almost the same in reverse. Christmas isn’t about waiting for the birth of Jesus. Jesus is already here. We should be running after him as fast as we can.

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