Fragments from The Word: The Baptism of the Lord

175 - The Baptism of Jesus

Fragments from the Word

The Baptism of the Lord

We conclude the Christmas season with water and voice.

John invites his cousin to the Jordon.

God the Father speaks from a cloud.

The beloved Jesus begins his ministry.

Christmas celebrates hope on earth.

Epiphany proclaims the Light of Christ not to be dimmed.

The Baptism of the Lord reveals the spiritual authority of Jesus.

Jesus is the Christ, the source of our identity and freedom.

We live our baptismal life when we reach beyond our selfishness.

When we reach out to another with words of healing.

When we extend our lives to forgive and forget.

Our community lives our baptismal life in simple ways.

Fr. Drew is leading 40 men on a retreat this weekend.

People are starving to make sense out of faith and life.

We have celebrated 30 funerals since my arrival here in July.

We remember baptism as we sprinkle water on the caskets of our friends.

Fifteen of our parishioners volunteer as support people for foster families.

We serve over 100 people every Sunday at the Lord’s Dinner.

Over 100 children in our education program are signs to us to pass on our faith.

Endless streams of people come to our food pantry twice a week.

Sixty-five people attended our retreat on Wednesday reflecting on depression.

We are starving for Jesus’ real authority and real presence.

We are the much-loved people of God.

Our names are spoken from the heavens as the Father’s dear-ones.

You are the beloved of God.

I am the beloved of God.

We serve from the grace of the Jordon.

We live from the hope of the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus, the Christ.

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