Save Us, Send Us: Praying with Litanies


I just received copies of my new book from World Library Publications in Chicago. The book, “Save Us, Send Us: Praying with Litanies” was written while I was serving at Saint Andre Bessette Church in Portland, Oregon. To order the book, CLICK HERE.

The editor writes, “The gospel call and challenge for justice and peace echoes through the insistent ryythm of  these prayers, while the repeated responses call upon us to entrich own understanding of God’s presence and work in the world around us.”

Here is a sample litany from the book: To read more sample pages, CLICK HERE. 

For People Recently Unemployed

(Matthew 6:31–34) Response: You know well what I need, O God.

When unemployment jeopardizes my future:

When my self-esteem crashes from being fired:

When my job seemed to be my identity:

When my family relies on my regular paycheck:

When family relationships are stressed to the breaking point:

When resources are stretched to the limit:

When I have to ask others for financial help:

When anger and rage stir within me:

When I want to blame others for my mistakes:

When I desire to flee my responsibilities:

When I want to give up looking for a new job:

When I am turned away at yet another interview:

When worry burrows into my soul:

When sarcasm becomes my defense:

When self-pity becomes an afternoon friend:

When isolation sets into my routine:

Help me turn my anxiety into reliance on you:

Help me transform today’s worry into tomorrow’s action:

Help me through this change and transition:

Help me serve you no matter my job or circumstances:

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