Ash Wednesday March 5, 2014

The Faces of Friday

On this Ash Wednesday, I invite you to pray again The Faces of Friday, a version of The Stations of the Cross that were produced by Andrew Noethe and myself several years ago. Each station is a separate video that can be used for group prayer or individual reflection. Click here to view THE FACES OF FRIDAY.


Let us pray:

God of the journey, today we process together to be marked with salvation’s sign. We stream to this sacred smudge as we are, dirty or forlorn, ill or imprisoned, dutiful or apologetic. Reach out in a gesture of love and comfort us along the way because what we all have in common is a desire to find our home in you. Bless us and forgive our past mistakes and the sins that haunt us in the night. Give us a new vision of ourselves as believers and as a people who long to be connected by baptismal waters. Release us from shame, from negative self-talk, from our desires to hurt our neighbors and from the confines and patterns of blame. You are love. Welcome us next in line with ashes on our foreheads so we may renew our hearts to follow you all our days. Amen

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