“The Servant Who Buried His Master’s Money” Matthew 25:14-30

"The Servant Who Buried His Master's Money" Charcoal Sketch: Ronald Raab, CSC

“The Servant Who Buried His Master’s Money”
Charcoal Sketch: Ronald Raab, CSC

“The Servant Who Buried His Master’s Money”


Burying our worth is evident in our day and time:


A mother buries her love for her child because of postpartum depression.

A father buries his value for his family at the bottom of a booze bottle.

A teen stifles her potential as a violinist because she cuts herself to hide her pain.

A son shuts down behind shame as he hides his sexual orientation in high school.

A recent college graduate hides his genius under a rock because of his depression.

A grandmother hoards possessions to hide her grief of losing her spouse of 53 years.

A cousin joins the army thinking that he can hide his drug abuse from his family.

An aunt collects trinkets thinking she is hiding her addiction to prescription medications.

A brother hides his abilities in mathematics because his sister is mentally disabled.

Another cousin turns down his acceptance to Harvard to care for his sick father at home.

A teenage girl quits high school to care for her meth-addicted mother.

A brother quits his artistic expressions because his father views him as effeminate.

A neighbor is now homeless because of his long-term depression from being abused.


Our value, our gift, our talent must not be hidden under a rock or buried in the ground.

Our worth comes from the miracle of our lives, just as they are in Christ Jesus.

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