“The Man Born Blind” Luke 18:35-43

"The Man Born Blind" Charcoal: Ronald Raab, CSC

“The Man Born Blind”
Charcoal: Ronald Raab, CSC

“Jesus, Son of David, have pity on me!”

“Lord, please let me see.”

Once again, the blind man teaches us to search out the Christ, to see the wisdom that is before us. His blindness speaks out on behalf of our own blindness that keeps us from seeing the beauty of people and the love God has for us. I ache to have the vision of this man, to see what he saw and the understanding to know that only Christ Jesus sets me free.

1 thought on ““The Man Born Blind” Luke 18:35-43

  1. Ron, this man’s face seems to emerge from the mist of time, to shine with a clarity that we all long to experience! As we sang in the Chapel Choir, the words of St. Paul, “Let us keep our eyes fixed on Jesus, who inspires and perfects our faith” Keep warm there in “Colo Spgs”! Love, -Danny Z-man

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