Lent 2015: Suicide rates for rural youth

"Tender Life" Charcoal: Ronald Raab, CSC

“Tender Life”
Charcoal: Ronald Raab, CSC

Let my steps be guided by your promise; may evil never rule me. (Psalm 119, The Entrance Antiphon for Wednesday of the Third Week of Lent)

During the Lenten season we face the deep suffering of our lives and of people struggling beyond measure. I want to add to your reflection for this season people who cannot carry their cross of suffering, especially our young people. Here are two important articles on the reality of suicide among teenagers. Please pray for our next generation and the hope that all will find God in the midst of their loneliness.

Click here for a new article on suicide rates for rural youth.

Click here for an article from the Center of Disease Control.

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