Rev. Malcolm Boyd, Episcopal Priest and Civil Rights Leader, dies at 91

Rev. Malcolm Boyd, dies at 91

Rev. Malcolm Boyd, dies at 91

I learned last week that another civil rights leader has died, Rev. Malcolm Boyd. He was an an actor and writer and later was ordained a priest in the Episcopal Church. He was a prolific writer who produced over thirty books. I am privileged to own two autographed books from the remarkable man.  I met Malcolm in Los Angeles about ten years ago through another Episcopal priest friend of mine. I spoke with him a few times and he was always so supportive of my writing for publication. As our country remembers the march on Selma this past week, we have lost another public figure who stretched out his faith into loving witness in the world. He marched there fifty years ago. God bless his soul.

Click here for his obituary from the New York Times

Click here for a short video on his life. This is a wonderful interview.

Click here for the obituary in the Washington Post

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