“I want to see”

"I want to see" Drawing: Raab

“I want to see”
Drawing: Raab

(Mark 10: 46-52)

Jesus, Master, open my eyes and give me the vision of the Father. Set me on a path where I can see for myself how to follow you.

I am blind to the works of your mercy and to the needs of people around me. I am tormented by my shortsighted vision of cynicism, despair and discouragement. Set my eyes, my heart and my life into the direction of your love for me, your kindness toward my past and your hope for people who most need help.

I want to see as you see.

I want to see the morning light crack through the window of my life.

I want to see the miracle of the new robins who broke through their shells on the front porch.

I want to see the quest for life in the people whose homes and lives were flooded in the next state.

I want to see the loving touch of a wife reaching out to her dying husband in the nursing home.

I want to see the value of life in the man who holds a sign asking for help on the corner.

I want to see the real needs of those around me.

I want to act upon the love that shows me a new direction of life.


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