Peter’s Perseverance

"Peter's Perseverance" Painting: Ronald Raab, CSC May 28, 2015

“Peter’s Perseverance”
Painting: Ronald Raab, CSC May 28, 2015

In today’s gospel, Mark 11:11-26, Peter watches Jesus curse the fig tree and rear up his anger in the temple over the money changers. Jesus tries to get the attention of the disciples to make sure they are trusting in prayer. Peter is watching and I imagine is completely perplexed by Jesus’ actions. Peter perseveres.

Jesus, help me persevere in prayer even when I give up yet again.

Open my heart to forgiveness even when I enjoy holding on to a grudge.

Set me free even when I cling to old ways out of fear and self-righteousness.

Help me pray for the needs of people even when I do not get what I want.

Send your grace of hope within me even though I think I can handle life on my own.

Transform my selfishness in reliance on you even when my prayers are not answered.

Allow my heart to love you even when I turn toward my own self-hatred.

Teach me to pray as you taught Peter and the disciples even when I want to give up.

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