Thirty-Third Sunday in Ordinary Time: Bulletin Column

Version 2

November 17, 2019

Dear Believers in the Christ,

This reflection is based on today’s gospel, Luke 21: 5-19.


I believe that all our eyes behold is because you love us

And we have not seen anything yet.


I believe that when we don’t appreciate what you give us,

Something will happen.


I believe that costly stones and vibrant gems on earth

Only reflect the beauty of your face.


I believe stones upon stones of our own making will crumple

And you will find us under the rubble of our egos.


I believe we can see our pride for miles

But we have not seen the beauty you have in store for us.


I believe there will be signs of your coming among us

When we least expect you.


I believe we will not comprehend what we see

When you decide our time has come.


I believe storms and chaos draw us into your calm

When fear disturbs our hearts.


I believe wars and violence happen because we cannot

Believe you are our true peace and serenity.


I believe awesome sights and mighty signs

Help us to come together and mean it.


I believe we are deceived by what we hoard and control

Especially our food and what feeds our hearts.


I believe earthquakes and famines reveal to us

To let go of our aggressive and isolated lives.


I believe that signs will show us the direction of

How you expect us to live today.


I believe that we have yet to discover our real value

And that tomorrow could reveal our true gifts.


I believe that when we trust in you

People in authority will be threatened.


I believe real prayer helps us discover that

Your purpose is ours alone.


I believe our truth threatens others

When we listen to the sound of your voice.


I believe that you know us so well

That the hairs on our heads remain counted.


I believe that life on earth is nothing to the beauty

When you finally hold us, telling us we are home.


Peace to you this week,

Fr. Ron







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