Seventeenth Sunday in Ordinary Time, July 24, 2022: Bulletin Cover from Sacred Heart

Sunday July 24, 2022

Seventeenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Luke 11: 1-13

Jesus invites us into deep prayer. We can’t imagine God’s love when we are bombarded by doubt, deadlines and endless demands. Jesus surrounds us with the invitation to call out to the Father. In fact, he reminds us to say, “Our Father.” This is not whimsical or fanciful. “Our” invites us to know that all people belong to God. God is the source of forgiveness, kindness, and mercy to everyone. We belong to Him. He belongs to us.

Jesus invites us to ask for what we need. This invitation goes deep into our souls. We so often don’t trust that invitation when life confronts tragedy or duties beyond our expertise. The word, “ask” sometimes feels like a four-letter word. It carries with it a heavy weight, yet we know it would bring relief if our ego allowed. It remains heavy on our hearts when we don’t trust the invitation.

As I make this important transition in my own life, I am struggling to ask the right person for help, who is Jesus Christ. I reach out to others when I don’t know new technology or when I fail already at deadlines and getting up to speed in a new position. I need this week, to recall, to remember and to realize the gift of Jesus Christ is already within me. I have much asking to do and much to let in to my heart. I am confident that doors will open as I remember just last week when an important door in my life closed.

I know in my heart that God the Father will not offer me a snake or a scorpion. I am in the Father’s heart and everything I need is already there.

“And I tell you, ask and you will receive…”

God give you peace.

7 thoughts on “Seventeenth Sunday in Ordinary Time, July 24, 2022: Bulletin Cover from Sacred Heart

  1. Oh Fr Ron “well done good and faithful servant” and many blessings as you transition to your new ministry at St Ed’s! I know you will be a blessing to everyone. You are in my thoughts and prayers!

  2. We constantly struggle choosing which doors to go through and which ones to walk past. The Holy Spirit guides us, but we have to stay still. Listen.

  3. You emails are so welcomed & I read them with good hope to understand better God’s holy Word. I pray you will embrace your new ministry. It’s not Notre Dame☘️ but providing students and staff with “food” for the journey will be a gift.

    Please continue your emails.

  4. Thank you Father Ron for your words. You left for a new position and we are helping Father Jared settle in at Sacred Heart. Over the period of the week we have built trust, respect and building a friendship to keep the fires burning. You are in our heart and prayers.
    We hope you will keep sending us a reflection often.
    Happy Feast Day yesterday your very favorite.
    Blessings, Katherine

  5. God buoy you up in His love and mercy, AND PEACE…. You’re etched in our hearts . Fr Ron.❣️. One of the flock, RoseMary Hitchcock

  6. I am so connecting with you in this journey, this new beginning. The struggles are real but as you said so perfectly, Jesus is here, He is present and all we have to do to call His name. I’m thinking of a song that had those very words. I think it was a James Taylor song. I am trying so hard to understand the sadness that so very many of us are feeling at our loss. It may take some time but my hope and belief is that you will thrive in your new home, your new vocation. The University atmosphere, the youth, their exuberance and their openness with fill the void. Time and prayer will heal us all. Our Lady of Sorrows will wrap her cloak around us and shelter us from the storm until the sun shines again.

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