Eighteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time, July 31, 2022. Luke 12: 13-21

July 31, 2022

Eighteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Today, Luke 12:13-21 is proclaimed in our sanctuaries. This gospel tugs at our conscience. It helps us explore our attachments here on earth. We have been reflecting on a series of gospels in these summer months that teach us to proclaim the Kingdom of God as we examine our possessions here on earth.

I invite you today to step back from your life. Take a moment and breath into the mystery of God’s fidelity in you. Our attachments on earth can cause great anxiety within us. We know deep earthly responsibilities of caring for our loved ones, paying bills, learning new things in order to survive. We live grounded on the earth and we need many earthly things to flourish. Yet, we gaze above, to glance into the face of God, knowing our home is ultimately more than our possessions, more than what we control, more than our own human dreams.

I began a new ministry in Texas last week. However, a few days ago, it was clear that the position was not suitable for my life and gifts. So, I will be moving yet again. I will spend some time at Notre Dame, IN, until I figure out my next move.

So, I am confronted with all my possessions before me. I realize nothing I own will create a path to heaven. No possession will deepen my soul’s quest for God’s love. Nothing in these boxes give me identity or purpose on earth. Still, I want to cling to what I know and to what I have, to what is familiar.

As I pack up this week, I am deeply aware of my utter dependence on God. I need my heart and life to be centered in his will for me, to rest fully in his providence and his healing remedy. I desire a place in this life where I can be free enough of my own interior baggage and know within my heart that my real possession is the person of Christ Jesus.  

God give you peace.

Thus, will it be for all who store up treasures for themselves but are not rich in what matters to God.

15 thoughts on “Eighteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time, July 31, 2022. Luke 12: 13-21

  1. Oh Father Ron! Thank you for your continued example of faithfulness to God’s will. Cannot wait to see what adventure lies next for you. I will pray for you while you are at ND. Can’t think of a better place to do some discernment. We miss you so much!!

  2. Hello Fr Ron! Wow, has it only been under 2 weeks since you left? Seems so much longer! I just read your blog, and it sounds like you’ll soon be “on the road again🎶.” It’s gratifying to know that your thoughts and concerns have been heard at ND, and an openness to revisiting the assignment to Austin is available. I’ve thought about you baking there in that scorching Austin heat!! I just want you to know I am praying for you in this decision/discernment time, and while you prepare to repack and move again.

    God give you peace as well!

    Sheri Lussier

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  3. Fr Ron,

    Sorry to hear that the new posting didn’t work out.

    You were in my daily morning prayer time while on the Camino Portuguese.

    I am back from the trek and resuming “life.”

    Regarding you comment on possessions,

    “ In the last analysis the ascetic never gives up the things of the world in themselves:

    he only gives up ways of possessing them which carry within themselves the seeds of their own decay.”

    Fr Louis Bouyer († 2004) French theologian

    I so enjoy your weekly reflections on the Sunday scriptures and appreciate you continuing to disseminate.

    Blessings on your own “Camino” walk of discernment.

    Bill Johnson

  4. Ah, Ron…and so it goes. I was having a troubling morning and read your post here–looking for that usual inspiration–and found it in the reread of your closing two paragraphs. I’ll look forward to a nice chat sometime soon– we can share once more the ongoing struggle of living in the tension of what is. Safe travels to IN/

  5. Wow, just this morning I was trying to see you fitting into the Austin scene–it wasn’t coming together. As you sit in contemplation with the discernment process, know of our supporting prayers. We all await the Lord’s hand in the new placement. Be sure to keep us updated, as we keep you uplifted. Deepest peace be yours,

  6. Fr Ron, we will be praying for you as you transition to IN and for discernment for your next steps. God give YOU peace.

  7. Hi, Ron,

    In any case, it’s too hot in Texas, and the politics are spooky. I hope that discovering that the Texas assignment wasn’t a good fit wasn’t too awful and that you have a peaceful period of discernment back home at Notre Dame.

    We’ve been roasting up here in Portland, as you probably know, but are now looking at a week of bone-chilling temperatures in the eighties.

    We still miss you!

    All good wishes, Leigh

  8. Dear Fr. Ron, Thank you for sharing your journey with us. We always keep you in our prayers as you discern the winds of the Holy Spirit. A dear friend and deacon once told us that he asked Fr. Hesburgh what his favorite prayer was and he replied, “ Come Holy Spirit”. A big Amen to that ! I hope you keep in touch as you continue on your holy journey. Your insightful message is inspiring. May God bless you as you put one foot in front of the other. Al and Carolyn

  9. Fr Ron,
    My heart goes out to you. I am so glad you can go to ND to discern your next steps. Your gift to “plug in” to Jesus wherever you are will bring you peace. You are in my daily prayer.
    God bless!
    Sharon Marron

  10. I’m sorry to hear the new post didn’t work out. You did amazing work at the Downtown Chapel, and had a huge impact on my life. The theology class I took with you at UBC remains a favorite life experience for me all these years later. You have an astonishing ability to simultaneously make the Gospel message harder to hear (Christ really meant what he said about the poor!) and easier to hear (the poor are not a problem to solve, and Christ is with you). If there’s anything I can do for you, please get in touch.

  11. When God calls us and we stand before Him all alone and without anything and He will ask us DO You Love Me. He will know the answer as we look up to Him and give Him our response.
    God give you peace in your search for His Divine Will for you. You are in my prayers

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