The Canaanite Creed, 2022. Reflection on Matthew 15:21-28

The Canaanite Woman. Painting 2017

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Canaanite Creed

I believe the Canaanite woman’s plea for pity.

I believe Jesus overthrows demons.

I believe we all wait for Jesus to speak.

I believe the marginalized are still silenced.

I believe her faith in three words: Jesus. Help. Me.

I believe people are lost until found in his presence.

I believe a scrap of faith is enough.

I believe the outcast teaches us how to believe.

I believe in ripping down barriers between peoples.

I believe in the healing breath of Jesus.

I believe his words remain for all people.

I believe we become whole listening to the weary.

I believe the mind of Jesus was changed by her love.

I believe her daughter’s healing is a miracle.

I believe we have nothing to prove when we ask Jesus for love.

I believe that hour is now.

3 thoughts on “The Canaanite Creed, 2022. Reflection on Matthew 15:21-28

  1. And I believe that if we keep our eyes on Jesus’s love for us , no obstacle is insurmountable. I know because I live it. It is the essence of my being as a beloved child of God.

  2. This is lovely — thank you!

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