The Canaanite Creed, 2022. Reflection on Matthew 15:21-28

The Canaanite Woman. Painting 2017

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Canaanite Creed

I believe the Canaanite woman’s plea for pity.

I believe Jesus overthrows demons.

I believe we all wait for Jesus to speak.

I believe the marginalized are still silenced.

I believe her faith in three words: Jesus. Help. Me.

I believe people are lost until found in his presence.

I believe a scrap of faith is enough.

I believe the outcast teaches us how to believe.

I believe in ripping down barriers between peoples.

I believe in the healing breath of Jesus.

I believe his words remain for all people.

I believe we become whole listening to the weary.

I believe the mind of Jesus was changed by her love.

I believe her daughter’s healing is a miracle.

I believe we have nothing to prove when we ask Jesus for love.

I believe that hour is now.

4 thoughts on “The Canaanite Creed, 2022. Reflection on Matthew 15:21-28

  1. And I believe that if we keep our eyes on Jesus’s love for us , no obstacle is insurmountable. I know because I live it. It is the essence of my being as a beloved child of God.

  2. This is lovely — thank you!

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  3. Dear Father Ron: I read your prayer, The Canaanite Creed, for the opening prayer of our weekly “centering prayer” group. It took our breath away, especially the line, “a scrap of faith is enough.” Actually every line is powerful and true… Thank you for this masterpiece of prayer. Sincerely, Anne Quinn, Boulder

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