Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time. Luke 12:32-48, Reflection

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Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

August 7, 2022

In Luke 12:32-48, we hear the urgency of the Kingdom. Sell everything, prepare. For where your treasure is, there also will your heart be. Organize space in your hearts on earth, not for riches and prestige, but for God who promises a bounty of love and lush mercy.

In Luke’s community, they anticipated the return of Jesus Christ. Luke wanted to make sure everyone was prepared for the Master. This text in summertime is a reminder not to take our lives for granted. All belongs to God. All belongs. Everything leads us to the Kingdom.

Our hearts ache for people who have lost everything in summer fires in California, horrific floods in Kentucky, and so much more in between. Wars flare. Climate fluctuates. Uncertainty prevails for many. For us who have much, we live to help others in need. We remain united on earth as we search for the Kingdom of Heaven.

This passage from Luke speaks to me. I arrived at Notre Dame on Thursday, carrying with me more than I could store. My attachments sit before me. My future home and ministry are yet to be known. This moment in life is an opportunity to fully realize the treasures that awaits in my heart. Patience. Wait. Be vigilant.

Much will be required of the person entrusted with much, and still more will be demanded of the person entrusted with more.

5 thoughts on “Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time. Luke 12:32-48, Reflection

  1. Dear Fr. Ron,

    I have faith and hope that you will find a new assignment that utilizes your talents and abilities. Peace be with you, my brother, and keep in touch, my prayers and thoughts are with you today.

  2. Before a sliver of light
    Breaks through the prism of dawn
    God summons me
    To be a spring of hope and charity
    To act and speak His words
    To seek my mountain of prayer
    To transform my heart and mind in the light of His extravagant love.
    Fr. Ron,
    Be well , be happy and be safe.
    Warm embrace from Sam, too.

  3. So good to read your words and know you are connected to God’s will. Patience can be so hard but God Speed and blessings.

  4. Peace as you await for the will of God for your future journey. It is always good to hear your words on the Gospel.

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