7 thoughts on “John and Ron: 1961

  1. Ron,
    So sorry to hear of your brother’s death! He and you are in my prayers and remembered in my Masses. I hope the transition to Austin is going smoothly. You did such a great ministry in Colorado Springs ! You are such a gift…your writing, art, spiritually profoundly nourish me! Don’t forget about the House of Prayer in Los Angeles. I and we miss you and look forward to a visit soon! jack

  2. Dear Father Ron: Saddened by the news of the loss of your brother. They are special people in our lives and contribute to who we are. Somehow we think they will always be with us… You were blessed to have each other. Love forever, Anne Quinn, Boulder

  3. Oh, the stark shock of it all–so hard for you all–and yet God’s grace in having you there so close to offer solace to others and your CSC brothers able to support you at this time. Austin would have been another story. Feel our prayers of deep comfort, peace and consolation. In Christ, Annie

  4. I cannot hear your message…. Guessing it involves the pphoto. Resends? Or something? PUHLEEZE 🌝🥀Mary Hitchcock. Peace and Guidance of THE LIGHT upon your path.

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