Funeral for John Raab: Prayers of the Faithful

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Photo of John Raab at sculpture of Our Lady of Sorrows at Sacred Heart Parish in Colorado Springs

Prayers of the Faithful

Funeral for John Charles Raab in Edwardsburg, Michigan

Friday September 9, 2022

Priest: Brothers and sisters, Jesus Christ is risen from the dead and sits at the right hand of the Father, where he intercedes for his Church. Confident that God hears the voices of those who trust in the Lord Jesus, we join our payers to his.

For John, who in baptism was given the pledge of eternal life. May he now be admitted to the company of the saints in heaven and may he find his true peace.

We pray to the Lord.

For John, who shared the miracle of the Eucharist on earth, may he now be nourished at the Table of Lord in God’s eternal kingdom. May John know the bounty of God’s mercy and forgiveness.

We pray to the Lord.

For all who suffer on earth, for people without hope, for friends who are ill, for people who live with depression and anxiety, and for people who cannot make ends meet. May we all find a home in the beauty of God’s companionship and in our service to others.

We pray to the Lord.

For people who help create a home for others on earth, for problem solvers, woodworkers, electricians and plumbers, for people who create and invent with hammers and nails, with saws and drills, all to bring contentment and peace in our daily lives.

We pray to the Lord.

For all who hunger for food and love, for all who prepare nourishment for others, for farmers, butchers, cooks, and for those who wear aprons of service to provide food for family tables.

We pray to the Lord.

For the end of violence, wars, conflict, and hatred on earth. May God’s mercy and forgiveness find a home in every human heart under heaven.

We pray to the Lord.

For those who grieve, especially for John’s wife, Darlene, his children and grandchildren, and for all his friends and relatives. May we seek God in our anguish and weep upon the shoulders of those we love.

We pray to the Lord.

For our deceased relatives and friends who have shown us how to love and how to serve, especially for members of the Raab, Kirkpatrick, and Muldoon families.

We pray to the Lord.

Priest: Ever gracious and merciful God, receive our grieving hearts for our brother, John, and our entire lives in the abundant promise of Jesus Christ who is Lord forever and ever. Amen

4 thoughts on “Funeral for John Raab: Prayers of the Faithful

  1. God will hold John’s hands until you can hold his. Until then, find solace in the enduring love of our Mother. Warm embrace, Fr. Ron!

    Be well. Be safe. Be happy!

  2. Fr. Ron, I am so sorry to hear of your brother’s sudden death. There are no words that can ease this shocking news and his loss to you and your family. You all are in my prayers.

  3. the prayers of the faithful are beautiful. May God comfort all of you and guide John’s family in the days to come, The McCarthy Family in Springs – Kelly, Margie & Luke

  4. So sorry about the loss of your brother. Prayers for him, for you, and your family during this challenging time of waiting to be reunited in our heavenly home.

    May the peace of God rest in your heart.

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