Twenty-Eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time, Reflection on Luke 17:11-19

Sunday October 9, 2022

Twenty-Eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Luke 17:11-19

Leprous skin was untouchable. The wounds contagious and visible. The person invisible and isolated. The skin wounds became soul deep. The person became the disease.

Jesus touches the leper. He steps into the isolation. He heals the soul’s wounds. Jesus touches the person with love that unites and heals.

Gratitude healed the leper. Gratefulness on his lip’s changed his life and healed the wounds of his soul. Gratitude brought the leper back into communion with family and community. Gratefulness birth’s faith, hope and love.

Jesus teaches us that only he can touch what is untouchable within us. His grace is more than skin deep. He challenges us to be grateful every day. We come to him wounded and he sends us forth living in the mystery of gratefulness and faith.

“Stand up and go; your faith has saved you.”  

1 thought on “Twenty-Eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time, Reflection on Luke 17:11-19

  1. My prayer: Thank you Jesus for the many times I have come to you broken and ask for your healing. Thank you for always being ready to listen and heal us. With out you I would not be able to get up and walk. You are my life and my Salvation.

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