Twenty-Ninth Sunday in Ordinary Time 2022, Luke 18:1-8 Cycle C, Reflection

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Pray always. Without drowsiness or questions. Weary not. A poor widow lifts her prayer from the dust. From emptiness she knows how to depend on God.

She wept on the privileged ground of the judge. She pierced his bloated conscience. Her truth crushed his unwillingness to listen to her.

Prayer without ceasing finds God. God’s chosen rise from poverty. Their fame rises from dry mouth and grit under their nails. Justice is born from her tears in darkness and authentic cries in daylight.

Pray always. The widow knows and teaches. She is still nameless. Her identity speaks volumes to us.  We are filled up. We know our blistered egos. We must empty if we are to pray. Faith on the earth will fill the ears of the Son of Man. Hope will win in our day. Our persistent prayers fall into the lap of God who lifts us from the ground of our dusty despair. Faith on earth will flourish in red delight.

3 thoughts on “Twenty-Ninth Sunday in Ordinary Time 2022, Luke 18:1-8 Cycle C, Reflection

  1. A tree root naturally seeks out water just as a faithful heart finds God for spiritual sustenance. He is the Source of my being. My life is Prayer , a conscious deliberate effort to connect with my Source. With Him and in Him, I can prophesy my destiny.

    Be well. Be safe . Be Happy, Fr. Ron!

  2. It is powerful to consider how God, who created us in His image, allows us to share in the divine life and the building of the Kingdom. (God’s power is never self-contained or micro-managed like human power so often is, but seems to allow us to participate in the unfolding of His will through our prayer!?)
    Thank you for your heartfelt messages, Fr. Ron. Praying for you in this time, space and the faithfulness of the journey you embark on in this moment.

  3. I pray each day for God to help me let go more and more and let Him fill me with His Love. Last week I was anxious about many things. God kept putting more in front of me till I finally understood the lesson I need to learn. A new chapter was opened up for me. May our prayers rise in the red delight as the bush has turned from the summer green to the red beauty of the fall.

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