4 thoughts on “The Priest Magazine, November 2022: “The Center Aisle”

  1. God planted you on that center aisle at Sacred Heart Church where you stood steadfast and unshaken in your love for our God and belief in humankind. With each passing season, we witnessed your fruits bloom and we feasted in their abundance. Thank you, Fr. Ron, for satiating our mind and heart with your gifts. May you find your center aisle soon!

    Be well. Be safe. Be happy, Fr. Ron!

  2. Fr Ron, Again you brought me to tears, reality, hope, faith and joy. Thank you and may God guide you to a new aisle soon. Nancy

  3. A beautiful reflection on the center aisle. You are truly at home there and blessed us in so many ways from that sacred place. Praying God leads you to a new center aisle soon. You are loved and missed.

  4. I have set with this all week. For nine years I have set in the pew and watched you proclaim the Gospel with conviction and knew you believed what you proclaimed. I waited as you walked down the stairs and stood amid us. I felt that is the way Our Lord taught when He was here on earth. We waited to hear your words of Love and Hope to help us thru another day or week. Many times tears rolled down are cheeks and many times they rolled down yours. I watched your tenderness, as you baptized, comforted those who mourn and celebrated on happy occasions. The Spirit filled the church on Christmas, and Holy Week in a special way as you celebrated Your Lord and Your God. I believe God has a special place for you to proclaim His Word and teach His people among them as He did. May God Give You Peace, Love and Hope

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