Thirtieth Sunday in Ordinary Time: Luke 18:9-14, Reflection, Art, Tax Collector

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Based on Luke 18:9-14: The Pharisee and the Tax Collector

I wait for you. Sometimes, I approach you weighed down, carrying inner burdens, like rocks in my pocket. Sometimes, my head is bowed not because I can’t emotionally face you, but because I can’t face myself. Pride comes heavy in me.

I fill myself with myself. Looking good is my measure. I stand apart from others. I block my own vision. I speak only ill of them. Others’ dishonesty, greed, adultery make me look good. I am in reality bowed down by such ills.

Humility must become food. I do not know my left from my right. I look back pulling a thread of despair. I look ahead with eyes foggy with only myself. Humility nourishes me when nothing else shows me how to live. Look me in the eyes. Humility is on my plate.

O God, in your mercy, receive my sinfulness and my confusion about what has been and what will be. I see myself more clearly in your loving light. Remove the stones of my ills, my temper, my inability to face the truth. Empty my heart and my pockets.  In your mercy, help me lift my head to see your loving face.


3 thoughts on “Thirtieth Sunday in Ordinary Time: Luke 18:9-14, Reflection, Art, Tax Collector

  1. Fr Raab, lots of rich food for thought in your homily. I’m reminded of the Talmudic idea of “We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are”. Yet I had not related it to our willingness to lift our head to look at God! No telling where this reflection will take us.

  2. Lord, guide me to focus my SELF lenses beyond the center of Self- enhancement ,
    Self- esteem , and self -protection , so that I can have a better perspective of the world beyond.

    Be well. Be Safe. Be Happy, Fr. Ron!

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