Thursday of the Second Week of Easter, April 20, 2023, John 3: 31-36, Article from Give Us This Day, April 2023, Liturgical Press

I am grateful for Liturgical Press, Collegeville MN, for publishing this reflection in Give Us This Day.

A Glimpse of Heaven on Earth

God, our Father, does not hold anything back from Jesus. Nothing is reserved to heaven alone. Jesus Christ is fully endowed from above with the spirit of love, forgiveness, and tenderness. Such heavenly gifts are also offered to us on earth.

In this Easter season, even the brokenhearted receive such a miracle. God does not ration grace to us who believe in such beauty and remedy. We are followers of the Risen Christ, the one who promises to lead us to green pastures of delight, comfort, and healing.  

In my ministry, I cling to the God who promises such wonder to us all. I believe God’s ear is close to people who have been abused by clergy, who cry in the nighttime. I believe God’s hand stretches out to feed hungry children at the borders of nations. I believe the silence of God cradles the uncertainty and worry of family members who wait in the emergency room as doctors work diligently to save their loved ones. I believe God’s voice of peace is louder than gunfire in city streets. We do not ration compassion to those who most need us.

Easter offers us a glimpse of heaven on earth. God does not hold back raising Jesus from the dead or offering us consolation when our spirits are crushed. Whoever believes in Easter miracles believes we all belong to God, who animates the world in the glorious love of Jesus Christ. The Redeemer imitates the generous love of the Father. We always bless the Lord and serve with compassion, most especially when the poor cry out in need.

Fr. Ronald Patrick Raab

Ronald Patrick Raab, CSC, is presently on sabbatical. Learn more at

1 thought on “Thursday of the Second Week of Easter, April 20, 2023, John 3: 31-36, Article from Give Us This Day, April 2023, Liturgical Press

  1. I have had two miracles in my life since Easter. I believe many people are searching and finding God. I believe Hope is overcoming despair in our world. It may be slow but I believe the seeds are sprouting. Praise to Our Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

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