3 thoughts on “(Audio) The Sixth Sunday of Easter, Cycle A, JN 14:15-21, May 14, 2023, Reflection

  1. The power of love, even if unreciprocated, is never diminished. Loving offers to us a unique avenue to showcase the continued Presence of the Ascended Jesus Christ within us. This Presence allows us to replicate His mission to indiscriminately love with Grace, Compassion, Forgiveness, and Hope. With the Holy Spirit as our Beacon of Light, we become the pillars of Jesus’s Second Coming.

    Be Well. Be Safe. Be Happy, Fr. Ron!

  2. I am so glad that I found this. Thank you so much for doing these posts! I miss hearing your homilies at Sacred Heart.

  3. You have a very soothing voice.

    How do you know what God is saying or calling you to do? What if God calls us to do things that we can’t do because of a disability or illness. Let’s say someone is a singer. And they love singing and it brings them joy and life and they sing in church and they put on shows and record music. But then, one day, they get sick and can no longer sing. And all they want to do is sing and make music but they can’t. So they search for something else to do. They dabble here and there, but nothing is as life giving as their singing. And no matter what they do, or who they talk to or how many books on discernment they read, they cannot fathom what God is leading them to. And people ask them, “What do you love and enjoy?” And they say, “singing.” But they can’t sing. What about situations like that?

    By the way, I’m not a singer. I was inspired by Shania Twain’s story when she lost her voice because of lyme disease. After almost a decade of searching, finally she found a doctor that figured it out – that it was nerve paralysis and she was was able to get a stint put in her throat that allowed her to sing again. Not the same as she used to, but still pretty good nonetheless.

    I’m still searching….

    How did you know you wanted to be a priest?

    Peace and grace, Stephen

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